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Wavlink Wifi Repeater Setup

Wavlink repeater helps to achieve the efficiency and performance required for your home network. This range extender comes with several amazing features and you can set it up in three modes i.e. as a router, as a repeater, and an access point. This wireless repeater comes with a compact design and plug-n portable manner. Wavlink repeater setup can be done in two ways. You can use the WPS button to connect the repeater to the network. And, you can use the wavlink wifi repeater setup wizard to configure this device. In this article, you will get to know how to install the Wavlink wifi repeater.

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Wavlink wifi Repeater Setup via wifi.wavlink.com

If your old router is not equipped with the WPS technology then you can use the web-browser method to install your repeater. Here are easy instructions to complete the wavlink repeater setup process:

  • Unbox the device and provide the power via an electrical outlet.
  • Make all the basic connections and attach the antennas.
  • Turn on the repeater and wait for the power LED to lit green.
  • Now, select any wireless device such as a computer, laptop, or Smartphone to connect your repeater through a web-browser.
  • You need to connect this wireless device to your repeater using the wireless or wired connection.
  • You can look for the repeater’s network name that is Wavlink_Extender_XXX and enter the wireless password.
  • You can also use the Ethernet cable and connect it from the Wavlink repeater to your computer’s internet port.
  • Once connected, launch a web-browser on the computer device and visit wavlink.wifi.com page to open the Wavlink repeater login page.
  • You can also the default IP address which is in the address bar to log into the extender’s interface.
  • On the login page, enter the default username and password to access the wavlink wifi repeater setup wizard page.
  • Next, run the wavelink repeater wizard and follow the online instructions provided by the wizards.
  • You have to choose the repeater mode from the wizard page. And then, choose the correct name of your router you may want to connect to and type the wireless password.
  • Once done, you can change the different settings including wireless and security settings of the Wavlink repeater.
  • When you complete the wavlink wifi repeater setup process, you would be able to connect your wireless home devices to your extended network.
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With this, you have completed the installation and configuration of your Wavlink wireless repeater. In case, you face any issues during the setup process then you can follow some troubleshooting tips. One of the best methods is the reset method. All you need to press and hold the reset button placed on the repeater with a paper clip. After this, you have to configure the repeater using the above-mentioned steps. For any other queries, you can call our experts through our toll-free number or you can use the online chat window option.